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Crafting Dynamics

Weeknote: While attempting to create some original dynamics through the influence of the environment, I realized that I’ve never been too much of a terraformer. I thus switched my focus from map to structure.


From Arena: My initial idea was to build from scratch an arcade-inspired arena. I chose to make a structure for bow-fights, being both a core element of the selected genre and a forte of any Minecraft PvP. I therefore played a lot on heights, covers and open chest zones. The original idea would have been to separate loots, excentred bows and chests full of arrows in the middle uncovered space. That way, I expected first games to be played very individually, with fast victories from rushing players; and to observe a tendency in later games of teaming/pairing up out of necessity in front of the dilemma bow/arrow.
Nevertheless, while being mini-game in itself, the prototype turns out to be incomplete as a sole arena.

Arena Prototype


To Spawn: Then, wondering about how to include the previously discussed constraints of Hunger Games (such as actual hunger, resources or even a lava pit…), I came to think that the arena could be much more interesting as an in-map structure, or even a spawn! From the separation (spawn/map) of interdependent resources (arrows in/ bows+food out) might very well arise teams and bandwagons for the defense/attack of a spawn bound to become a citadel. Basically pushing incentives of cooperation through incentives of polarization, a hunger games siege.

Implementation: Crucial would become the separation of resource between in and out, the question is to be weighed with other mechanisms already discussed. Equally important becomes the number of potential entries and their design (defense friendly or not).

Arena Overview


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