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Google Translate: Glitch Art and Deformance Methods

Probe * Nov 21st “Dominate the dream of freedom due to the translation, materialized, reduce A normative struggle, new analysis focuses on what we call the transfiguration seems Emerging. This could significantly change the way through the public decision-making Close to the regime of recognition. No one claimed that schools have been decisively This concept Read More

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Six Degrees of Separation: Linkedin Mapped

Bootcamp: Network Maps   *   Nov 14th As a Moretti fan, I was already looking forward to this week’s readings: Network Theory, Plot Analysis.  Even though Moretti generally works on texts, I find his affinity towards quantitative tools parallel with mine.  And, while I was reading it – I kept wondering how it could Read More

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Bootcamp: Our Humanities Theorists Tree-mapped

Bootcamp  +  Trees  +   Nov 7 “There is a constant branching-out, but the branches also grow together again, wholly or partially, all the time.” – Alfred Kroeber, Anthropology Experiencing our class thus far, I must say it’s been less painful then expected to get my mind inside the theory circle.  Once I became familiar Read More

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Chinese Puppets: Assembling the Old and the Live

Distant Reading Probe.  Presenting on Oct 10th.  When I tell people in North America that I research Chinese shadow puppetry, 99.5% of the time I get one of three reactions: 60% of them say, “You mean like the Jim Henson’s, the Muppets?   27.5% of them say, “You mean like Being John Malkovich?”   12% Read More