Alison Bowie

Posted on 2015/12/11 by As Messy Media Lab – Interviews with the team

I am working with a project called as Associate Dramaturg. This volume of the project (which runs from October 2015 to February 2016), we have been working hard to define what we have created and what we are as a service, as an organization, as a constantly evolving organism. Mess and Methods with Dr. Read More

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Theatre Life: Dramaturg as Scientist?

I am a dramaturg. … (what does that mean?) … In their book Dramaturgy and Performance Cathy Turner and Synne K. Behrndt explain that, “the more precise and concise one tries to be [in defining dramaturgy], the more one invites the response ‘Yes, but…’. Although dictionaries and encyclopedias offer apparently clear explanations, these are insufficient Read More