Colleen Gaspirc

Posted on 2016/10/23 by

Views on the 6: Toronto, Drake, and Multicultural Appropriation

Who is Toronto? Toronto seems to lack a city-identity that other Canadian cities effortlessly claim. It’s not historic like Quebec, friendly like St John’s, artsy like Montreal, family-friendly like Calgary, or even mild and temperate like Vancouver. Worse still, this ostensible lack of identity seems to draw the ire of pretty much everyone else in Read More

Posted on 2016/10/01 by

From the Lecture Hall to a Hole in the Wall: Is the Future of Education Open Access?

While discussing the differences between “traditional” development and Open Access development, Eric Raymond creates the analogy of the cathedral and the bazaar. Traditional development, according to Raymond, mirrors cathedral building: it is carefully curated and designed, it is effectively a monument to the genius and vision of a particular viewpoint, and when it is finished, Read More