Chalsley Taylor

Posted on 2015/11/24 by

#caughtgramming: Instagram & Image Maker Insecurity

What is it about Instagram that keeps photographers fretting? I’ve studied photography for a while, I like taking photos, and I wish kodak hadn’t abandoned analog photography, because I’m Team Film if we’re picking sides. And I’m pretty into Instagram. Is that contradictory? It feels like a logical progression to me, but since Instagram popped Read More

Posted on 2015/10/05 by

Out of my mentions

What qualifies as “knowledge-making”? [1]  What are the determining factors? Credentials? Context? Who can participate? the intellectual Only? And if only: who counts as an intellectual? Can activists be intellectuals? Do their blogging practices count as knowledge-making? Do intellectuals tweet? @bad_dominicana [+] [+] [+] @apihtawikosisan [+] [+] @BlackAmazon [+] @FeministaJones [+] @ChiefElk [+] Activist twitter accounts use the application to Read More