Dave Shaw

Posted on 2017/11/09 by

Tracing The Magic Circle: Metagames and Material Agency

In Metagaming, Stephanie Boluk and Patrick Lemieux argue that video games can serve as a site of critical engagement with the dominant systems of power in contemporary society. Their argument can be broken down into two basic moves: First, they suggest that video games themselves are perhaps best understood not as “games” in the traditional sense, but Read More

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The Cold Gaze of the R.O.B.: Entangling Culture and Ernst’s Media Archaeology 

Wolfgang Ernst’s notion of “media archaeology” is intended as a radical challenge to what he sees as the implicitly anthropocentric tendency of media studies toward historical narrative. As he posits, media archaeology is “both a method and an aesthetics of practicing media criticism, a kind of epistemological reverse engineering, and an awareness of moments when Read More