Jessica Tucker

Posted on 2016/11/08 by

You’ve Been Steampunk’d: Postmodernism Re-Imagined

Steampunk, a relatively recent genre, is most recognizably understood as a hybrid genre that includes contemporary technology, powered by steam, usually set in either the Victorian era or the Wild West. In his speech “Atemporality for the Creative Artist” Bruce Sterling describes steampunk as a “lost future” which is created by a process of “finding Read More

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Happy Birthday to…Who?: Contested Copyrights and Creative Ownership

In his article, “The Ecstasy of Influence: A Plagiarism”, Jonathan Lethem recounts a story wherein he describes the ‘invention’ of a song by blues legend Muddy Waters. When asked where the inspiration for the song arose, Waters cites five different sources: his own personal creation, sudden inspiration, he heard “a version by Johnson”, his mentor Read More