Kelly Grant

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A day in the life of my dream job: Colonial Williamsburg historic trades – The Margaret Hunter Shop, Milliners and Mantuamakers

Can you describe your working space. Be as detailed as you like. Ok, where to begin, first is that our larger overall working environment is on Duke of Gloucester St in the heart of the Historic Area of Colonial Williamsburg. We’re on the side of the city close to the Capitol and other trades sites, Read More

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We are All ‘Super Slick Salesmen’: A life as a living historian in the retro-utopia, or, I have an amazing post-apocalyptic bug out team – probe on the MIT Media Lab

Most of the world today runs on ‘fixed-term contracts’ (Barbrook, 1995, p. 2). Long gone is the notion of staying in one job or company for an entire career. When I began my career as a historian, Mulroney had decimated the history staff at Parks Canada, and many of the community museums in Nova Scotia Read More

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Weaving as Cultural Practice: What time of the year is it?

The selfie of my loom My loom is like a housewife’s ill-used treadmill.  It sits behind me in my office/studio beckoning me to ‘work’, to weave something, anything!  Instead, at this point in my life I really need to read stuff, write things.  My work table doesn’t hold fabric, waiting to be made into a Read More

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Author and Authority: Creating Fashion Trends in Historical Re-enacting (Probe on Foucault’s ‘Author’)

As I begin my own process towards authorship, I have been thinking a great deal on how we create authorities out of persons who share their research. This has held exceptional resonance with me in my own work on Eighteenth Century fashion and how it is viewed by the community of re-enactors I belong to. Read More