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Posted on 2014/11/03 by

The SSHRC Proposal

The past two months there’s been a lot on my plate. Between teaching, co-curating an event, various writing projects, and being very, very sick, I’ve had little time for other commitments. But at the forefront of my mind has been scholarship applications. In October, I handed in two applications — one for FQRSC at the Read More

Posted on 2014/08/15 by

IMMERSe Postdoc day, final take

The remainder of the Waterloo IMMERSe postdoc presentations detailed what’s been going on in the affiliate universities for the past year, as well as what the different institutions have coming down the pipeline. After Amanda gave her talk rife with potential connections and overlaps with our work, I got up and made  the connections clear Read More

Posted on 2014/07/28 by

Mapping the Fictional

As my dissertation slowly begins to take a hazy shape (somewhere far off in the future, it sometimes feels), I’ve been turning my thinking and energy towards the geographic. There are all sorts of ways to assert this descriptor that interest me and stimulate thinking about media. There’s imaginary geography (Said’s concept of those perceived Read More

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Skyrim Mods Rundown, Continued

While CGSA brought us a number of great insights, we quickly redirected our energies toward working together on another conference presentation, this time for the Game History annual symposium here in Montreal. This paper, “A History of Happy Accidents, or Who Wrote The Elder Scrolls?”, stepped back and took a broad view of the history of Read More

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Skyrim Mods Rundown

As the first year of IMMERSe begins to wind down and Year 2 lies on the horizon, it seems like a good time to reflect a bit on what our node has been up to–at least, the aspects I can speak to directly. As I’ve written about on this site before, the Skyrim mods project began Read More

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Crafting a Course Outline, take 2

As I was writing about last week, this fall I’ll be teaching ENGL 251 at Concordia, a lower-division English survey course on comic books (technically, the class is titled “The Graphic Novel,” which will be a fun debate all its own in the lecture, I’m sure). I’ve been struggling with just what texts to put Read More

Posted on 2014/06/22 by

Crafting a Course Outline, take 1

This week I’ve been putting a great deal of thought into teaching. This fall, I run my own course for the first time. And I’m extremely lucky, because it just so happens that the course I’ve been offered is the “Intro to Comics” 200-level survey in the English department here at Concordia. I’ve never taken Read More

Posted on 2014/03/16 by

On Tweets, Memos, and Value

Writing “The Memo and Modernity” ten years ago, maybe it would have been difficult for John Guillory to predict what writing has now become. “In our epoch,” he states, “large numbers of people write, are even compelled to write, but they do not for the most part write poems or scientific papers; they fill out Read More

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