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An anonymous interview with TAG student member

When approaching professors and professional members of TAG, I was told I should consider interviewing student members about the Lab and the forms of knowledge they create. Therefore, I sought to interview two student members from different disciplinary backgrounds. Unfortunately, the other student was unavailable for an interview before the 15 of December. If possible, Read More

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Hunger Game Design 1

For our first design, Saeed and I choose to create an elevated cornucopia with twelve towers. Participants would “spawn” in one of the twelve towers and would have the option of jumping onto the lower cornucopia platform, with chests and the possibility of death, or run down the spiraling staircase and into the ocean. From Read More

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Place for a “real” Hunger Games server?

This week I plan to share my ideas for how to create a more authentic portrayal of the novel “Hunger Games” in Minecraft. What seems to be the crucial element in the realization of a “Hunger Games” server is the player-versus-player arena. Why do I say this is crucial? Every #Hungergames servers we have tried has revolved Read More

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The #HungerGames Function

Hunger. Games. A game about survival for food. A game of high consequences. In 2008, Suzanne Collins released a book titled “Hunger Games” that followed a young adult female protagonist who volunteers to take her sister’s place in a mandatory death match enforced by “the capital”, the Elite society that controls the fictional world of Read More

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Probe 1: Fan-fiction and Foucault – “What is an Author?”

Specifically, what is an author in contemporary, 21st century society?  We are living in a time where anyone can access and circulate text through the web, making it easier to reach target audiences and group together people that have similar interests. Are people who write fiction online “authors”? They circulate text and create fiction, but are Read More

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Harry Potter: Towards Fan-made transmedia…or not?

  In my last week note I looked at fan made Pokémon Minecraft servers and their inability to portray a realistic depiction of any of the Pokémon medias including, but not limited to, the game, the anime, and the manga. The fan games, I argued, did not have the competency to create fully functional environments, Read More

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BFC – BigFriedChicken’s Cook and Sort machine

BFC – BigFriedChicken’s Cook and Sort machine How does the BFC Vanilla edition sort cooked chicken, feathers, and eggs into specific chests? An industrial cooking and sorting machine. This device is the soul of the BFC and automates the process of collecting, cooking, sorting and finally storing cooked chicken, feathers, eggs and any anomalies (ie: Read More

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