Robin Graham

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Electronics & Artistic Production: Interview with the lab coordinator of Eastern Bloc

Eastern Bloc is an artist-run centre and media lab in Montreal. Since 2007, it has been exploring and pushing the boundaries of the intersections between art, science, and technology. By facilitating hands-on workshops, the centre sets itself apart from commercial galleries insofar as it not only exhibits digital and new media artworks, but helps to Read More

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Between Language and Materiality: the History of Aphasia Studies

In their anthropological study of a tribe of scientists, Bruno Latour and Steve Woolgar speak of the methodological problems involved with drawing conclusions from observation. A key component is the familiarity of the observer to the evidence being observed: “it is important that testing be carried out in isolation from the circumstances in which the Read More

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Articulate Air: Channel 4, Stuart Hall, and the Black Audio Film Collective

Etymological Preamble “Articulation” is rooted in discourses of both law and the body. Derived from the Latin articulus, meaning “small connecting part,” the word referred to the location at which joints or ligaments connect, and is still employed in our current use of “articular surfaces” in the language of anatomy. But ironically, “to join together” Read More