Sabah Haider

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Navigating Interdisciplinary Digital Media Labs: An Interview with Erica Lehrer, Director of CEREV

By Sabah Haider In this interview for the graduate seminar HUMA 888: Mess and Method [Fall 2015, “What is a Media Lab?” edition], Sabah Haider, PhD Student at the Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies in Society and Culture at Concordia University interviews Dr. Erica Lehrer, Director of CEREV and Associate Professor, History and Sociology and Anthropology Read More

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[Western] Reality Isn’t What It Used To Be: The emergence of a revolutionary and post-modern Palestinian cinema in the 1970s

“Historical facts demonstrate that imperialists will commit any crime to protect their interests” — from the PLO film They Do Not Exist (1974) West and More West? If we consider that the prevalent understanding of “modernism” is the idea that encompasses a west or Euro-centric 19th Century perspective rooted in the Church, we can establish Read More