Victor Perez Alamo

Posted on 2017/11/30 by

The Rhizomic (Memory) Collection: A Non-Linear Approach to the Preservation of Video games, Game consoles, and their data.

The seminar “The Research Collection” has, in a way, encouraged me to reflect on my book and music collecting habits. To assess memories, I have preserved in the corners of my mind. To assess the value and relevance I place upon them. For the first time, I considered myself a collector of memories, not only Read More

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Unveiling Lived Experiences through Metagames in the Universe of Tiny Toon Adventures

“Before a videogame can ever be played […] there must be a metagame.” Patrick LeMieux and Stephanie Lobuk In my experience with playing games, I realize I was always a player. I allowed myself to be deluded, I thought I was an active actor deciding what step to do next. All lies! Without realizing it, Read More

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Game Boy: Bridging Cultures (North America & Mexico) or Game Portability and Enjoyment in the Times of Nostalgia

For the following presentation, I have employed the method that proposes Jules David Prown in Mind in Matter, beginning with a short description of the object in question; then moving to the deduction stage to finalize with speculation. (Show a picture of the Classic GB + Original Packaging (1989) from “History of Consoles”) Before your Read More