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Embodied Space: The Webster Library Transformation

The Webster Library Transformation is underway and in the University’s postings about the work being done, the word ‘renovation’ is conspicuously absent possibly because it carries connotations of disrepair, age and maintenance of an old system. Maybe that’s also why it’s being touted as a “next-generation” library, which makes a kind of avowal of the Read More

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Boot Camp: “Composing a Backward Essay;” or: “Making Deformative Poetics with My Computer;” or: “How to Completely Erase Your Hard Drive;” or: “Sabotaging Conclusions”

The titles always come last. Before that, comes the final warning: This essay irrecoverably destroys data! Eulogy: I regard the wasted corpse that used to be my computer. Once glitched beyond repair, now a useless assemblage of titanium, plastic, wire and glass. Many of its sensual qualities remain: the keys that have embraced the impact of my Read More

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Emoticon Love, the Transmission of Affect and Breaking up via Text: New Ways to Map “Emoticontent”

Still feeling depressed after being dumped more than one month earlier, 2 has found difficulty in making sense of a range of negative emotions. Sad YouTube does not help. Nor do a variety of online psychological helpsites. After experimenting with an online “mood journal,” 2 reports an incapacity to “find words to type out the Read More

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Deforming the Human Interface: Glitches, Orlan, and Interacting with Biodigital Mess

The quest for “universals of communication” ought to make us shudder – Gilles Deleuze (qtd in Galloway and Thacker, 23) What universally communicative method could provide a better survey of the “manifest image” of the human face than Facebook? A search through the expansive territories of “face” gleans a uniform notion of expression embodying the Read More

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The Kanye West Phonotext: sampling, sharing, re-appropriation and racism

As a “graduate candidate” in literary studies, I often ask myself whether my analyses of unpopular, neglected poems, novels and plays are culturally relevant.  This short essay considers some things that are perhaps too often ignored by English scholars — the immense relevance of American popular music, how music relates to current trends in culture Read More

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Thinking sound and content through audio walks

“The content of a medium is like the juicy piece of meat carried by the burglar to distract the watchdog of the mind.” — Marshall McLuhan In 2001, while doing a residency at the Banff Centre in Alberta, Canadian sound artist Janet Cardiff recorded “Forest Walk,” an audio walk that takes listeners on a twelve-minute Read More

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Performance, video formats, and digital publication in a Latin American context

Flaubert: 20 rutas consists of a series of performances made by Alejandra Jiménez in Colombia, where she delivered speeches based on texts by Gustave Flaubert to random users of the Bogotan public transport system. It is an intervention in the sense that it gets to an audience without it knowing or even wanting to experience Read More

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