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Concordia’s Centre for Oral History and Digital Storytelling

I recently had the opportunity to visit The Centre for Oral History and Digital Storytelling, located on the tenth floor of the Library building. It was interesting to continue to look at spaces in Concordia that not only incorporate technology in their work but recognize it as part of the human relationships that are essential Read More

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Interview with Dr. Matthew Anderson, Professor of Theology at Concordia University and Filmmaker

On November 16, 2015, I had the chance to interview Dr. Matthew Anderson, Professor of Theology at Concordia University. Our discussion focused on Dr. Anderson’s work as a producer of documentaries on the subject of pilgrimage. In the process, we examined the concept of space as it relates to his creative projects: space as an Read More

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Navigating Interdisciplinary Digital Media Labs: An Interview with Erica Lehrer, Director of CEREV

By Sabah Haider In this interview for the graduate seminar HUMA 888: Mess and Method [Fall 2015, “What is a Media Lab?” edition], Sabah Haider, PhD Student at the Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies in Society and Culture at Concordia University interviews Dr. Erica Lehrer, Director of CEREV and Associate Professor, History and Sociology and Anthropology Read More

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CANCELLED: Questionable Taste: A Public Talk with Anne Jamison

Due to the closure of La Guardia airport yesterday, Dr. Anne Jamison’s talk on fanfiction, scheduled for today (Friday March 6, 4 PM, 646 LB) has been cancelled. Dr. Jamsion is fine, and did her utmost to find alternate transportation to Montreal, but was unable to do so. We will reschedule this event for fall Read More

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The ‘Pataque(e)rical Imperative

How do deviations from the norm provide an important foundation for radical invention and improvisation in contemporary poetry? Acclaimed poet and scholar Charles Bernstein makes a strong case for the importance of the exception. Bernstein’s talk explores how the process of swerving away from expected trajectories is necessary for radical improvisation and the invention of Read More

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Plucking Fluxes

Plucking Fluxes: Media Archaeology to the Metal Matthew Kirschenbaum This talk adopts a media archaeological framework for considering the floppy disks (the ubiquitous remnant of the first great home computer age) and their virtual simulacra, the disk image. The conceit of an “image” confers a complex epistemological status, bearing the inheritance of centuries of Western Read More

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Between Blankness & Illegibility

Lisa Gitelman and Craig Dworkin in dialogue Moderated by Darren Wershler Concordia University, 20 January 2013 Recorded and transcribed by Michael Nardone Darren Wershler: Thank you. Welcome to the Concordia Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies in Society and Culture’s panel on the materiality of paper in print. Gerald Graff has remarked that given that intellectual history Read More