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Narrative and Dialogue in Games

This node of IMMERSe investigates the ways in which storytelling and conversation promote engagement in the virtual worlds of games.

    • A study of narrative scope, branching narratives, and generative narratives: pitfalls and benefits of different narrative types and their impact on the story.
    • Everyday storytelling: What is the place of the narratives and storytelling that emerge out of games in everyday life? How do players become storytellers? What is the path from storytelling to player content creation?
    • The life of game writing: how game writers work and function within the games industry; how do they interact with programmers, designers, level designers, marketing staff, etc.
    • Transmedia experiences: understanding the translation of story from one media to another; understanding how text, as text, works in a game.

In order to address these areas, we’ve assembled a group of leaders and innovators in games research, experts in fields of communications, sociology, textual criticism, digital humanities, literature, design and visual art, and many more. These scholars subdivide into agile research teams who cross-collaborate both within our research node and across our partner institutions to feed off of and nurture each other’s creativity and expertise. Our goal is to explore and articulate new regions of the sometimes harmonious, sometimes dissonant relationship between narrative and game; our mandate is rapidly produced deliverables made possible by integrated study and information sharing.

Current Projects

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