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Building Online Community Despite The Gamers

This week, instead of a weeknote focused on #BigFriedChickenCompany and the work my comrades Marie Christine, Sean and Saeed have been contributing to, I’d like to devote some thought to a greater picture with regards to Minecraft. Minecraft is somewhat singular. It’s a computer program which can be run individually by one person, or on a Read More

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“Welcome to BFC. Can I Take Your Order?”

With construction on the BFC coming to a close, an eerie silence has fallen over the construction site, punctuated only by the chirping of tiny modded crickets intent on permeating the perimeter. We’ve got a prime location, ease of access thanks to the server’s teleportation system, and enough fried chicken to cause a significant spike Read More

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La maison des poules

When I built my hen house, I had two objectives in mind. Build a chicken coop that doesn’t look like a utilitarian box of death (see above) Elegantly figure out some sort of wheat harvesting production to more easily hatch lots of chicks In Minecraft, feeding wheat seeds to two chickens standing near each other will Read More

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What happens when you take the “fun” out of a game?

What happens when you take the “fun” out of a game?  What is “fun” and can it become work? In Homo Ludens, Huizinga explains that, “all play is a voluntary activity” (7) “it is never imposed by physical necessity or moral duty. It is never a task. It is done at leisure, during “free time”, Read More

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Play vs work

Well after a lot of trial and error and a lot of time on the modded server (almost 3 days worth at this point), the team are almost done working on the construction of the second BFC. Wow that sounded like a line from Star Wars talking about the second Death Star. But I digress. Read More

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Wage Earners: Minecraft housing a Corporation

Over the last week and some, I have explored the idea of play-labour, of social-investment, and how these might affect the amount of “fun” a player perceives they are having.  The term itself comes from Juliam Kucklich, a video-game theorist, and applies to any form of activity that someone may profit from – Gold Farming Read More

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