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“Is it Paranoia? Is it Real?!”: Death Grips, Alternate Reality Games and the Hive Mind

Death Grips’ is a difficult music group to describe but many like to call them an “experimental hip hop group”, a category seemingly contrived for a group that resists classification through their mixing of different genres. Although the assignation of a genre is sometimes reductive, the “experimental” part is apt for describing the expansive nature Read More

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Weaving as Cultural Practice: What time of the year is it?

The selfie of my loom My loom is like a housewife’s ill-used treadmill.  It sits behind me in my office/studio beckoning me to ‘work’, to weave something, anything!  Instead, at this point in my life I really need to read stuff, write things.  My work table doesn’t hold fabric, waiting to be made into a Read More

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Examining a ‘Braingasm:’ ASMR as Cultural Technique

What is ASMR? The neologism is just beginning to creep into contemporary jargon. The first Reddit thread referencing it appeared four years ago and posed this innocuous question — “who else gets this? [head orgasms?]”. For those unfamilar with the ambiguous acronym, it stands for autonomous sensory meridian response, a pleasurable physiological reaction provoked by certain stimuli (common triggers Read More