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A Squirrel Is Stuck Between An Ocean And A Hard Place

Approaches to AI in virtual systems and Minecraft Yesterday, while wandering around the mLab and procrastinating between deciding to go to bed at a reasonable hour or stay up and work on midterms, I came across something I have seen many times in my Minecraft play. A small non-agressive mob was stuck between the ocean and a Read More

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BFC – BigFriedChicken’s Cook and Sort machine

BFC – BigFriedChicken’s Cook and Sort machine How does the BFC Vanilla edition sort cooked chicken, feathers, and eggs into specific chests? An industrial cooking and sorting machine. This device is the soul of the BFC and automates the process of collecting, cooking, sorting and finally storing cooked chicken, feathers, eggs and any anomalies (ie: Read More

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Remarks on ARLO

Initial remarks for the second gathering of the High Performance Sound Technologies for Access and Scholarship institute at the University of Texas at Austin, May 27-28, 2014. === Given my position in today’s proceedings and the specificity of the papers that follow, I thought I might transition from Tanya to begin the morning’s papers with Read More

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The ‘Pataque(e)rical Imperative

How do deviations from the norm provide an important foundation for radical invention and improvisation in contemporary poetry? Acclaimed poet and scholar Charles Bernstein makes a strong case for the importance of the exception. Bernstein’s talk explores how the process of swerving away from expected trajectories is necessary for radical improvisation and the invention of Read More

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Plucking Fluxes

Plucking Fluxes: Media Archaeology to the Metal Matthew Kirschenbaum This talk adopts a media archaeological framework for considering the floppy disks (the ubiquitous remnant of the first great home computer age) and their virtual simulacra, the disk image. The conceit of an “image” confers a complex epistemological status, bearing the inheritance of centuries of Western Read More

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Between Blankness & Illegibility

Lisa Gitelman and Craig Dworkin in dialogue Moderated by Darren Wershler Concordia University, 20 January 2013 Recorded and transcribed by Michael Nardone Darren Wershler: Thank you. Welcome to the Concordia Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies in Society and Culture’s panel on the materiality of paper in print. Gerald Graff has remarked that given that intellectual history Read More