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Bums in Seats: Queer Media Database of Canada/Québec

The lights dim for the second of two screenings titled Matraques, a special event curated and organized by the Queer Media Database of Canada/Québec in collaboration with the queer film festival Image+Nation. The two-part screening is composed of twenty-one vignettes, each a short film or extract about the history of literal and metaphorical policing of queers Read More

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Performance, video formats, and digital publication in a Latin American context

Flaubert: 20 rutas consists of a series of performances made by Alejandra Jiménez in Colombia, where she delivered speeches based on texts by Gustave Flaubert to random users of the Bogotan public transport system. It is an intervention in the sense that it gets to an audience without it knowing or even wanting to experience Read More

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Dracula as Epistolary Database – Alanna, Jess and Hilary

For our Boot Camp, we worked together with programmers to create a database of the epistolary texts present in Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Alanna on her conception of the Dracula database project: This project was a bit like diving into the deep end of a pool, never having seen water before. This is my first foray Read More

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Database Dance Floor: Manovich and Leckey

The idea of a database would be somewhat terrifying, I imagine, for the things that are databased (or archived), if they had the capacity to feel terrified. To be swallowed up by the endless object-pool of the internet is to be flattened out into sameness and obscurity. Gone are the hierarchical or affective qualities that Read More

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The IKEA Catalogue: From the “BookBook” to the Database

This IKEA advertisement describes their catalogue (a book) in the terms we would normally use to describe a new form of technology (namely computers) while mimicking the tone and aesthetic of Apple advertisements. Forbes recently published a post linking this Ikea advertisement with a Norwegian sketch called “Introducing the Book” that was posted before the Read More

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Show Facts, Hide Facts: Applying Latour to Database Structures

Probe, or Rogue Suicide-Bomber Probe Droid? (Is that a fact?) In view of our reading of Latour’s rearticulation of the assumptions informing the concepts of “facts” and “values” into new terms that recognize the processual cyclicity of institutionalizing always-debatable uncertainties into useful certainties, and in view of Alice Munro’s having just been awarded the Nobel Read More