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Digital Overabundance; or, The Problem of Tweeting Poems

I have a complex and difficult relationship with Twitter. No other content strategy strategy or social media platform has done more for me. My feed has gotten me an agent and several jobs; it’s connected to to innumerable people who have become friends and colleagues, collaborators and co-conspirators. It’s gotten me in the newspaper for Read More

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Google Translate: Glitch Art and Deformance Methods

Probe * Nov 21st “Dominate the dream of freedom due to the translation, materialized, reduce A normative struggle, new analysis focuses on what we call the transfiguration seems Emerging. This could significantly change the way through the public decision-making Close to the regime of recognition. No one claimed that schools have been decisively This concept Read More

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Bootcamp: Our Humanities Theorists Tree-mapped

Bootcamp  +  Trees  +   Nov 7 “There is a constant branching-out, but the branches also grow together again, wholly or partially, all the time.” – Alfred Kroeber, Anthropology Experiencing our class thus far, I must say it’s been less painful then expected to get my mind inside the theory circle.  Once I became familiar Read More

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Selling Ideology and Crafting Constellations: Technological Culture and the Museum of Me

Perhaps one of the best ways to visualize the concepts of articulation and assemblage from for this week’s seminar, ‘Drawing Things Together,’ is the process of learning: by making associations and parallels between complex elements and familiar and/or simpler concepts, we are crafting and superimposing patterns that enable us to understand what appears to be Read More

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The Viewers’ Remixes & Supercuts: (Re)Ordering Content and/or Mess

Mess is inevitable: it is in our thought-process, our social interactions, our work, our mistakes and accomplishments, but most importantly it is also there in the creative process. When looking for supercuts on the internet, this website leads you to an archive of supercuts, which provides a definition for them: Supercut: noun \ˈsü-pər-kət\ — A fast-paced Read More