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Café Utopia

The coffee shop in question is the Brûlerie St-Denis on rue Masson (recently styled “La Promenade Masson”). This pleasant, gentrified Rosemont neighbourhood is known for its population of young families and aging hipsters pushed out of Mile End and the Plateau by exorbitant property values. The café is known for nothing in particular. The food Read More

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Typewriter/Piano, Poet/Composer

  The orchestral piece “Briony,” part of the score composed by Dario Marianelli for the 2007 film adaptation of Ian McEwan’s Atonement, is fundamentally a recent addition to the cultural landscape of typewriting. Despite its recency, the piece at its core makes a large-scale, conscious return to the “basics” of early media theory, fusing together Read More

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Analog or digital? Fingers or digits? When NEO rings a bell, do you RETURN or ENTER? Is                                                 the Final Frontier, or the Pen-Ultimate? Writing with-out a page? Will this save autonomy from automation, belt chastity from rhythmic autofeedback excess? Or…did you not see this as the impetus for a radicalized aesthetic practice? Predating the release Read More