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Deforming the Human Interface: Glitches, Orlan, and Interacting with Biodigital Mess

The quest for “universals of communication” ought to make us shudder – Gilles Deleuze (qtd in Galloway and Thacker, 23) What universally communicative method could provide a better survey of the “manifest image” of the human face than Facebook? A search through the expansive territories of “face” gleans a uniform notion of expression embodying the Read More

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Boot camp: “Glitch studies is what you can just get away with”

This boot camp has been fucked up from almost the very beginning, and I point to the originary temporality from the start of this assignment to mark the very late juncture of this boot camp submission: let’s consider tardiness the primary fuck up of this boot camp, one which strives, as McGann and Samuels argue, Read More

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The Poetry of Patch Notes

In one of her later essays, Eve Sedgwick (2012) muses ‘sometimes I think the books that affect us most are… the books we know about – from their titles, from reading reviews, or hearing people talk about them – but haven’t, over a period of time, actually read’ (123). Unread, these books can remain ‘objects Read More

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Disruptive Mods and Skyrim

As part of the IMMERSe research I’m currently involved in, our team has been spending time lately examining mods for the Bethesda Elder Scrolls game Skyrim. Mods are (generally) user generated content for commercially produced and distributed games, and can alter anything from the realism of how light reflects off of surfaces in the game Read More

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Google Translate: Glitch Art and Deformance Methods

Probe * Nov 21st “Dominate the dream of freedom due to the translation, materialized, reduce A normative struggle, new analysis focuses on what we call the transfiguration seems Emerging. This could significantly change the way through the public decision-making Close to the regime of recognition. No one claimed that schools have been decisively This concept Read More