HUMA 888

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Navigating Interdisciplinary Digital Media Labs: An Interview with Erica Lehrer, Director of CEREV

By Sabah Haider In this interview for the graduate seminar HUMA 888: Mess and Method [Fall 2015, “What is a Media Lab?” edition], Sabah Haider, PhD Student at the Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies in Society and Culture at Concordia University interviews Dr. Erica Lehrer, Director of CEREV and Associate Professor, History and Sociology and Anthropology Read More

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The Articulations of a Body-Machine

Probe for October 10 I like to think of my body as a machine; not the hard-edged, overdetermined object that first comes to mind, but a flexible, plastic machine with moving, interchangeable parts that can be exchanged and linked together in multiple different ways. I like this image because it helps me to get over Read More

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Text to Image

With the help of a friend I wrote a program in C# that converts text files into images. I’m not a programmer so please forgive me if I haven’t got the lingo quite right. The code was compiled in Unity and the output was converted from a targa file to a PNG in Gimp (so Read More