Lawrence Grossberg

Posted on 2015/10/28 by

Halloween Articulations and Assemblage

Halloween is a scary time (for those outside the dominant ideology, for those on the unfortunate side of power dynamics). I (We? No, too many variants in that we. Only common in our antagonist …and even I am only implicated indirectly) spend the days leading up to the 31st much the way my cousin taught Read More

Posted on 2015/10/24 by

The “Hegelian Wound” and the Poet’s Voice as an Articulation

In Lawrence Grossberg’s interview regarding articulation, Stewart Hall says: “Let me come to the question of social forces. This ideology, which transforms a people’s consciousness and awareness of themselves and their historical situation, although it explodes culturally, does not constitute itself directly as a social and political force. It has its limits, as all religious Read More