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Hunger Game Design 1

For our first design, Saeed and I choose to create an elevated cornucopia with twelve towers. Participants would “spawn” in one of the twelve towers and would have the option of jumping onto the lower cornucopia platform, with chests and the possibility of death, or run down the spiraling staircase and into the ocean. From Read More

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Hungercraft: A Taste-Test

Over the past little while I’d made the move from being simply an observer to an active participant in the savage phenomena that is Hungercraft. It’s been a colourful experience: I’ve done a lot of running and a lot of hiding; I’ve died within seconds while trying to remember how to open my inventory because Read More

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Ravenous Recreation

We have been musing over what exactly constitutes Hunger Games in Minecraft, especially since the community already has an idea of what it is and it diverges significantly from the books, movies, and what many of us want our subjects to experience. Setting theory aside for now, I have started prototyping maps for my own gameplay Read More

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Place for a “real” Hunger Games server?

This week I plan to share my ideas for how to create a more authentic portrayal of the novel “Hunger Games” in Minecraft. What seems to be the crucial element in the realization of a “Hunger Games” server is the player-versus-player arena. Why do I say this is crucial? Every #Hungergames servers we have tried has revolved Read More

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Breaking the Mold

The way Hunger Games is used under the general player versus player game mode of Minecraft is pretty basic as the players themselves do not really concerns themselves with anything aside from winning the match. They are more concerned with stratagems, map layout, chest locations and any advantage they can get to win, anything else Read More

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The #HungerGames Function

Hunger. Games. A game about survival for food. A game of high consequences. In 2008, Suzanne Collins released a book titled “Hunger Games” that followed a young adult female protagonist who volunteers to take her sister’s place in a mandatory death match enforced by “the capital”, the Elite society that controls the fictional world of Read More

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Crafting Autonomy in Minecraft

Without having to probe very deeply into what it offers as a game, Minecraft can offer an interesting opportunity to experiment with the concept of autonomy. I’ve written a little bit before about individual realization during discussions on concepts such as Maslow’s hierarchy in Minecraft before. On top of self-realization, the game offers interesting insight into such widespread narrative Read More

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When Arenas Attack

This week, I tried playing on a different server from my usual – you know, keeping things fresh, and all. My normal server plays like a pretty typical Hunger Games server; there’s a cornucopia, limited items, and implied instructions that you’re just supposed to kill everyone else who’s there. This new server had all of Read More

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The Mines of Babylon

Like all the men of Babylon, I have been proconsul; like all, I have been a slave. I have known omnipotence, ignominy, imprisonment. Look here — my right hand has no index finger. Look here — through this gash in my cape you can see on my stomach a crimson tattoo. It is the second Read More

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