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The Nature of Conflict; A Conflict of Nature

Going into this new project, I’m excited about a number of things: having a chance to flex my creative and critical thinking skills, to dip my feet into the familiar worlds of ideological frameworks and implicit rules of play, and to undoubtedly have my mind blown by the most rudimentary of Minecraft mechanics that no Read More

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The Paradoxical Nature of Genre

In our examination of Minecraft’s Hunger Games genre we have given much attention to what is included and not included in the genre. We have sought out the apparent status quo of the genre, and paid special attention to other features that are uncommon, any features which give distinctive change to the genre, that the problems in the concept of Read More

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Weeknote: Remaking/Demaking the essential elements of Hunger Games

In this early stage of the project, before we have even concluded our survey of Hunger Games sub-genres and implementations, it has already become apparent that the label “Hunger Games” as applied to types of Minecraft play scenarios is quite problematic. “Pure” Hunger Games implementations in Minecraft involve a themed arena, entry tubes/elevators, a cornucopia Read More

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New Project: Minecraft Hunger Games

The “Hunger Games”, thematically based on the book and movie franchises of the same name, has emerged as a kind of competitive, PvP, arena-style Minecraft mini-game, played on purpose-built maps created by players. Examples of the genre can be found all over YouTube, e.g. Hunger Games maps enforce the game mechanics through some combination Read More

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