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Electronics & Artistic Production: Interview with the lab coordinator of Eastern Bloc

Eastern Bloc is an artist-run centre and media lab in Montreal. Since 2007, it has been exploring and pushing the boundaries of the intersections between art, science, and technology. By facilitating hands-on workshops, the centre sets itself apart from commercial galleries insofar as it not only exhibits digital and new media artworks, but helps to Read More

Posted on 2015/12/11 by As Messy Media Lab – Interviews with the team

I am working with a project called as Associate Dramaturg. This volume of the project (which runs from October 2015 to February 2016), we have been working hard to define what we have created and what we are as a service, as an organization, as a constantly evolving organism. Mess and Methods with Dr. Read More

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The music and multimedia research-creation laboratory at Université Laval

On December 4th, 2015 I interviewed Sophie Stévance (Professor and Canada Research Chair in Research-Creation in Music) and Serge Lacasse (Professor in musicology) about their work with the CFI and OIF funded LARCEM (Laboratory for research-creation in music and multimedia) based at University Laval in Quebec City.   I was interested in finding out more Read More

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The Media Lab as Space for “Play and Process”: An Interview with TML’s Navid Navab

The point is to build environments that are “not complicated but rich.” At the TML, we live with our designs, within our responsive environment. Interview with Navid Navab Associate Director in Responsive Media, Topological Media Lab Research-Associate, Matralab Multidisciplinary Composer The Topological Media Lab (TML) is a large, open space with polished concrete floors and a Read More

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Navigating Interdisciplinary Digital Media Labs: An Interview with Erica Lehrer, Director of CEREV

By Sabah Haider In this interview for the graduate seminar HUMA 888: Mess and Method [Fall 2015, “What is a Media Lab?” edition], Sabah Haider, PhD Student at the Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies in Society and Culture at Concordia University interviews Dr. Erica Lehrer, Director of CEREV and Associate Professor, History and Sociology and Anthropology Read More

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WELCOME to the Techno-Dystopian Future!

In this probe I will examine the enchanting and problematic trope of thinking about the future as an abstract, fictional and perpetually deferred time. I will describe the present in relation to techno-utopian ideas of the past and attempt to map out what a humanities-based media lab can enable for researchers concerned about utopian representations of Read More

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We are All ‘Super Slick Salesmen’: A life as a living historian in the retro-utopia, or, I have an amazing post-apocalyptic bug out team – probe on the MIT Media Lab

Most of the world today runs on ‘fixed-term contracts’ (Barbrook, 1995, p. 2). Long gone is the notion of staying in one job or company for an entire career. When I began my career as a historian, Mulroney had decimated the history staff at Parks Canada, and many of the community museums in Nova Scotia Read More