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The Hermeneutics of Code

  Co-authored Abstract for DiGRA 2015: William Robinson, Dylan Lederle-Ensign and Michael Mateas Procedural Deformation and the Close Playing/Reading of Code: An Analysis of Jason Rohrer’s Code in Passage Despite Game Studies’ interest in digital games, the field has paid comparatively little attention to the algorithms underlying the medium. The following paper argues for the value Read More

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Reading series/reading sound: a phonotextual analysis of the SpokenWeb digital archive (Al Flamenco, Aurelio Meza, Lee Hannigan)

The Reading Series In the past twenty or so years, a large number of poetry sound recordings have been collected and stored in online databases hosted by university institutions. The SpokenWeb digital archive is one such collection. Housed at Concordia University, SpokenWeb features over 89 sound recordings from a poetry reading series that took place Read More

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A Digital Poetry Writer: Yaxkin Melchy and Lisa Gitelman

  Web writing or moving our works on the internet means never relinquishing while there exists this universe of expressions that appear and disappear, that are created and erased. The web is a riddle to write. (Melchy 2011, 35). The subtitle of this chapter from Lisa Gitelman’s book Paper Knowledge attracted my attention since I skimmed through the Read More

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The ‘Pataque(e)rical Imperative

How do deviations from the norm provide an important foundation for radical invention and improvisation in contemporary poetry? Acclaimed poet and scholar Charles Bernstein makes a strong case for the importance of the exception. Bernstein’s talk explores how the process of swerving away from expected trajectories is necessary for radical improvisation and the invention of Read More

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2013-07-19 ARLO Visualization (1)

This past week, in thinking about the soundscape in terms of the poetry reading and the poetry phonotext, I went back to look at some of the initial information I compiled during the High Performance Sound Technology For Access and Scholarship (HiPSTAS) Institute at the University of Texas at Austin at the end of May. Read More

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On the Human Microphone

This week, I finished a draft book chapter on a (phono)poetics of the human microphone, the people-powered method of sound amplification and multivocalic mode of collective composition, communication and intervention utilized at Occupy protests. The chapter is largely a study of form and praxis combined with a historical sketch: I contextualize the emergence of the human microphone Read More

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2013-06-14 Dworkin and Gitelman

I began the week listening closely to the Lisa Gitelman and Craig Dworkin lectures and dialogue that I recorded last year while both were at Concordia. Between Blankness & Illegibility: The dialogue brings together Gitelman, a scholar noted for her work on media history, and Dworkin, a critic, editor and writer of late 20th century Read More