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Out of my mentions

What qualifies as “knowledge-making”? [1]  What are the determining factors? Credentials? Context? Who can participate? the intellectual Only? And if only: who counts as an intellectual? Can activists be intellectuals? Do their blogging practices count as knowledge-making? Do intellectuals tweet? @bad_dominicana [+] [+] [+] @apihtawikosisan [+] [+] @BlackAmazon [+] @FeministaJones [+] @ChiefElk [+] Activist twitter accounts use the application to Read More

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Geisha Bride with Remington Typewriter

Since the obsession with the Orient began, western civilization has created many misconceptions about the culture it has worked so hard to imitate. Edward Said describes the Orient as “an integral part of European material civilization and culture” (2), as it not only expresses but also represents a cultural and ideological mode of discourse. Said’s Read More

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Typewriter-Grrrls: Type-writing, Fashion, and Cyborg Apocalypse

Demonstrating Gender Navigating gender/gendered discourse in the context of typewriter history is problematised by the extreme degree of uncertainty and ambiguity which prevents any neat demarcation of the subject. We might hurtle down several (roughly) parallel paths, considering a history of gendered writing (Kittler 186), of gender-coding machines (Keep 405), of the variance between popular Read More