Ken Hunt

Posted on 2016/11/15 by

Kowloon Chic: The Atemporality of Ghost in the Shell

With a live-action adaptation of the Ghost in the Shell franchise looming, I thought I’d take a crack at applying Bruce Sterling’s thoughts on the concept of ‘atemporality’ (as the concept applies to creative artists), to the films Ghost in the Shell (1995) and Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence (2004). In the first of Read More

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I, Algorithm: Canadian Copyright Law & Bots

The term “legal realism”, which appears in Carys J. Craig’s essay “The Canadian Public Domain: What, Where, and to What End?” seems a bit too much like a euphemism for “hopelessly subjective”. Like in other realms of legislation, the continuing procession of legal cases setting new precedents and overturning older ones seems to be the Read More

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An Interview with Dr. John Douglas Hunt

Dr. John Douglas Hunt is a professor of Civil Engineering and the president of the consulting firm Hunt Analytics (HAI). The firm uses 3D computer modelling to predict how traffic moves through urban areas, in order to provide more accurate growth projections to urban planners. The interview raised several questions, such as: what are the Read More

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Memorializing Technologies

Theoretical Framework Recently, many academics have tasked themselves with interrogating how technology has been studied with respect to its relationship with culture and media. Authors such as Bernhard Siegert, Jonathan Sterne, Sybille Krämer, and Horst Bredekamp criticize the characterization of technology as a sphere separated from that of ‘culture’ (a term itself defined by an Read More